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Giveaway to help Bella!



Bella's gofundme is $1000! Good job to everyone has donated, and thank you for all for participating in this giveaway.


I know I said that I would do the drawing at 10:00 p.m. 7/9 (which is right now). I want to make sure I've got everyone on the list & give any last minute donators a chance to participate, so I'm going to leave it open until morning!


Last chance to correct my list of participants!


Well, because of BL stupid reblogging function which I now hate more even than I did before - but I digress - you actually can't see my reblog language when you view the post on my actual blog. So, I'm trying to fix the problem here. If you've already commented on the other post, no worries - it still counts. If you comment there first, and then find this post, again, no worries. I will monitor them both!


Now, to business:


Most of you have seen Big Beardy Bloke's post about his beautiful kitten, Bella, who was rescued and needs surgery. If not, this a cut and paste:


I'm sure most of you have seen this in the interim, but in case you haven't (and even if you have) ...




This is Bella.  She needs surgery to mend the effects of an improperly healed break in her leg and pelvis, and a dislocated hip that has settled out of the joint.  She needs surgery in order to improve her mobility and quality of life, and to stop any pain she may be feeling.  Her new adoptive parents -- Big Beardy Bloke Buried By Books and his wife -- would like her to have that surgery, but are struggling to cover the costs.  Their crowd funding campaign with GoFundMe.com(http://www.gofundme.com/y7eg8b8) is currently at a little more than 1/4 of the set target -- just short of covering the costs of Bella's diagnosis, or looked at alternately, a little more than 1/3 of the estimated costs of surgery.


All those of us who have pets know what those pets mean to us.  All of us, I'm sure, would spare no expense to give our own pets the veterinary care they need.  Having lost one cat to a belated and erroneous veterinary diagnosis myself, I understand very well that time is absolutely of essence in this regard.  Animals can tell us that something is wrong with them, even if they can't put a voice to precisely what it is -- and they shouldn't be made to suffer, any more than any human should be made to suffer.


Giving via GoFundMe.com is 100% pain-free, 100% anonymous if that's how you prefer your gift to appear, and as easy as hitting an online retailer's "buy" button.  Please think about what you can do to help.  Thank you!


And the giveaway, from Moonlight Reader:


OK, people - I feel like we here at Booklikes can do better than this for Bella!

So, here is my proposal. I am doing a giveaway of a $50.00 amazon gift card. The price of entry is a $10.00 donation for Bella's surgery. Donate $10.00, chance to win 5 times that amount to buy books at amazon.

Make your donation using your booklikes user name, and then come and comment on this post. I'll use the random number generator to choose the winner for the GC will happen in 72 hours.

Note: in the case of a non-US winner, you can substitute the amazon GC for any book seller as long as I can buy the GC from my computer in the U.S. I don't think that Book Depository does gift cards. So, that's out.

If Big Beardy Bloke doesn't get at least $50.00 in donations from this offer, I will cancel the giveaway & just donate the money to the gofundme. Go forth and participate.

And if for some reason this offer violates some random law or something, I'll have to cancel it. Sorry.


It looks like the following booklikers have entered the giveaway:



Books, Hockey & a Bucketful of Snark

Chaotic Reading

Hunger For Knowledge

Murder by Death

Tracey's Stay in Midian

Sarah's Library

Nothing Better Than a Good Book


With a $50.00 donation from HFK, we are up to $80.00 in new donations from this giveaway. Big Beardy Bloke can let me know if he gets additional donations through paypal to enter into the giveaway. We've met the threshhold for the donation to finish, so look for the winner @ 10:00 p.m. (Pacific time) on July 9!


If I missed anyone, let me know!


Let's help Bella.

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