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I'm a big bloke (7ft tall) and I am forever reading. This will mostly be my thoughts as I am reading and possibly a review or two. You may know me as Archer.


I am basically a lurker. My life revolves around my wife, my cats, Books, and entertainment.


I'm working on building and setting up a forge and I'm generally one of those people who can be found causing or in the middle of mischief somewhere...

I'm Back... kinda... an update on where I've been and whats been going on...

I'm back. I'm alive. And I'm still me. 


Back in December I had an accident at work and essentially broke my back. I had crushed vertebrae and have done extensive nerve damage to my lower limbs. I was rushed into surgery where I had a laminectomy and discectomy performed between L3 and S1 on my spine.


I have no feeling in my legs from the knees down. I have no movement in my right foot. I was discharged from hospital 2 months later. 


I have now been at home for 6 months and am doing intensive rehab and physiotherapy 4 times per week. I have muscles in my right leg that are beginning to atrophy and I have only just got an office chair from work to be able to get to my computer. I am still waiting for an arm chair to get me out of bed the majority of the time.


So yeah, that's where Archer has been. 


Hows your year going? Mines been kinda shit so far.