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I'm a big bloke (7ft tall) and I am forever reading. This will mostly be my thoughts as I am reading and possibly a review or two. You may know me as Archer.


I am basically a lurker. My life revolves around my wife, my cats, Books, and entertainment.


I'm working on building and setting up a forge and I'm generally one of those people who can be found causing or in the middle of mischief somewhere...


My Goodreads account is gone, deleted, finito, ceased to fucking be. And you know what? I haven't felt this excited to be reading in nearly 18 months. All the bullshit is gone. I've walked away from it. All the hypocrisy and bald faced lies are behind me now. Now is the time for reading for what I always read for, the sheer joy of books...


Now how do I customise the shit outta this motherfucker..?