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The Fury Review

The Fury - Alexander Gordon Smith

Good sweet merciful Odin, where to even begin with the disappointment in my soul.


I feel bitter after this book. It deserved to be better; I expected it to be better, especially after the praise heaped onto the author for his furnace series. I was expecting to be treated to some actual horror in this garden of stagnation known as YA as of late. I was expecting tension and pace and suspense…


And for the first 15 or so pages I got what I wanted, it was mature, it was well executed, it was excited. And then it all started to smell of sour milk. The grapes of success suddenly turned very, very sour indeed. It, for some reason, started repeating with a carbon copy of characters we had already met and grown to care for.


I cried. Honestly I cried long and hard when this book died for me because it started out so spectacularly well and then it just fizzled out. I cared for our ragtag group of misfits for whom, all of a sudden, the world wanted to see their insides become their outsides. I was even intrigued by the inhaling corpse, which then proceeded to suck up London.


I wanted so badly to know more about the promised celestial powers that were at play in this book but then it all stopped. It went from a mile a minute, to watching a pensioner doddering across the road in rush hour. The Fury… More like The Frustration if you ask me. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but a book isn’t meant to progress nicely for a spell and then sit still plot wise is it? It’s not meant to just do nothing considering the time that a book this size demands. And its truly a pity that this is what The Fury did, because it’s painfully obvious that Alexander Smith can write, and write well at that. But I think that after the first act he wanted to pad, to buy himself more time to refine his ideas.


And for me that killed this book. And I feel such bitter disappointment because of it. That opening? That was a cold gut wrenching moment that almost moved me to man tear. When Daisy discovered her parents… yeah I’ll admit it, I had a little wobble and had to take time to collect myself.  When brick had to lock his girlfriend away, I could feel how much that hurt him to do. And was I rewarded for it? No. I was treated to a “let’s introduce you to more characters who’s heads we’re gonna bounce around in” and I’m sorry but no, that is not what this book needed.


I still feel the stab of betrayal whenever I think about this book. It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that you cannot trust blurbs in the least.


Honestly I wouldn’t bother with this unless you like being set up for a huge disappointment… And I’m British, I can handle disappointment, I grew up receiving Kinder Eggs.