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GTA V: Limited Edition Strategy Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Strategy Guide - Tim Bogenn

Yes, I am a gamer.


 I am proud to say that. When an industry can have a launch that reached the $1 billion mark in three days of sales, you'd better believe I am proud to be a part of that industry that expresses a voice. 


I received this today, I have used it already for the Bail Jumper side missions for Trevor, and it's glorious. The maps are crystal clear, the suggested paths are easy to follow, easy to understand and effective. The wealth of information this book provides makes it a steal at the $20 preorder price, and the artwork is gorgeous. The big bonus of the day though is the Lithographic print. This is a must have if you want to do absolutely everything there is to do in Los Santos. If you're playing GTA V then definitely I recommend this to you if you are not planning on selling it after a single play. Awesome is all I can say. 


Now excuse me... I have tourists to torture... Now where the hell is Trevor?