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I'm a big bloke (7ft tall) and I am forever reading. This will mostly be my thoughts as I am reading and possibly a review or two. You may know me as Archer.


I am basically a lurker. My life revolves around my wife, my cats, Books, and entertainment.


I'm working on building and setting up a forge and I'm generally one of those people who can be found causing or in the middle of mischief somewhere...

30 Day Book Challenge - Day 1

Best Book I Read Last Year


This is actually a tough one. I didn't get as much reading done as I would've liked. And when I did read, more often than not it was so abysmally bad (Alice in Zombieland, Blackwood, and I hunt Killers spring to mind)  that even a book that was only marginally good was a relief. 


That said though last year held two gems for me, Stormdancer and Seraphina. I know the challenge is to pick one but I can't. I adore these books equally for different reasons. One was a steampunk japanese inspired tale of revenge, retribution, demons, war, and awesomesauce. And the other was a tale of dragons, academia, subterfuge and intrigue... And fucking love both of them (I have also noticed none of my reviews for these books have imported so I shall rectify that asap. 


But yeah... I didn't have one best book last year, I had two... And I regret nothing.