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I'm a big bloke (7ft tall) and I am forever reading. This will mostly be my thoughts as I am reading and possibly a review or two. You may know me as Archer.


I am basically a lurker. My life revolves around my wife, my cats, Books, and entertainment.


I'm working on building and setting up a forge and I'm generally one of those people who can be found causing or in the middle of mischief somewhere...

So, I've been noticably absent from here lately...

And I make no apologies for it. I just can't be bothered posting. I have lost all my passion for books of late. Whenever I decide to post anything I get so sick to my stomach that the asshat brigade are gonna jump on me again that I honestly just wash my hands of it. I really want to be more active in the community again but I honestly do not know if it's worth the hassle and the bullshit anymore.


Plus I have a PS4 now so I'm gaming a lot lately. And my books are being neglected because a handful of fucking assholes have stripped any joy I get from reading and talking about what I read with others.


I might be back. I might not. In the end it's not like I made a difference anyway.


Later's everyone.