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Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer Now, What can I say about Twishite... sorry force of habit... Twilight that has not been said by a million other people with half a brain cell?Not a lot really. Which is sad, because I don't think anyone has really managed to convey the sheer, crappy vastness that is this saga. Let me begin by saying that, as I was reading this series, I could actually hear Louis, the single most self loathing vampire in the history of undeath, muttering "These bitches sparkle? That shit is not acceptable"Stephanie Meyer has not written a good YA paranormal romance, she has in effect written a book about how "good" it is for a teenage girl to fight to be in a relationship, whilst being groomed by an abusive partner. Edward, although I'm sure he means well, with his mood swings and the lashing out at Bella, reminded me heavily of the villainous men in so many crime shows. He does more harm than good to her. I honestly do not know what else to say other than Meyer had not only managed to successfully destroy the vampire culture, but has also destroyed lycanthropy as a paranormal condition with the introduction of her paedo-wolves later in the series. I say steer clear and read a good vampire story... namely pretty much anything by Anne Rice, hell even the 1995 Horror Spoof, The Vampire in Brooklyn, got it more right than this. It's drivel and should be stricken from existence.Now I'm not a huge fan of Mr. King... But he's right. EDITI couldn't not add this picture... It's so funny and so true