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Wizard for Hire: Storm Front / Fool Moon / Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, Nos. 1-3)

Wizard for Hire - Jim Butcher [let me say this is my review of this entire 12 book series from my personal site before I even knew good reads existed, I have read all of them so far and this is a series review.]Now that I’m sat here with my trusty, ever-loyal word processor, I’m still torn about which book/s to review. And all of a sudden I’m hit with an epiphany the size of David Hasselhoff’s ego… the awesome, underrated, 12 book urban fantasy series of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.This series follows the exploits of Chicagoland’s veteran Private Investigator and America’s only professional wizard, Harry Dresden (yes I had the same thought as everyone else… a wizard named Harry… hmmm… Mr Butcher, is this a love letter to Ms Rowling… IS IT BUGGERY?). This series is a down and dirty, gritty, noir-ish detective yarn set in a modern day Chicago in a world where Magick is hidden and, so it seems in the novels, more often used for dark purposes.The writing style is that of a smart-ass’s journal, or a case file that no-one but the author is intended to read, with dark comic under-tones, satirical sarcasm, and more emotive twists and turns than a Curly Wurly stretched over a Welsh mile. This all makes the story highly immersive and an addictive read. Once you start to find yourself falling into Dresden’s world of demons, angels, beasts, fairies, wizards, vampires and flaming monkey poo, you will find that there are characters you will end up loving; for example, Bob. Bob is awesome: he is a spirit of intellect who resides in an ancient human skull… he is also a sarcastic sex-addled pervert (no, that’s not why I like him… I like him cause he’s funny).When you start reading, it’s hard to fathom that once you reach the end point (so far) that you’ve read 12 novels, and that there are more to come; but the series is so totally absorbing, entertaining, humourous, tearful, action packed, terrifying, thought provoking and powerful that you won’t want it to end and find yourself wishing for the ride to carry on longer.With enemies that vary from faerie queens, psychic vampires, zombies, necromancers, warlocks, fallen angels and the odd demented wizard, this series will keep you on the edge of your seat, reading into the wee hours of the morning and wanting more.Happy reading, and remember: just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean there isn’t a hidden demon waiting to eat your face.Archer