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Deadline: The Newsflesh Trilogy: Book 2

Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy #2) - Mira Grant WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR BOOK 1Well, hello there my fellow zombie-philes!I am still on a book high from this series, and I do not think that that will be changing anytime soon. Previously you will have, presumably, perused my review for Feed, the first book in this series, well now ladies and gents it is the turn of Deadline.Deadline picks up about a year after the events of book one. After the End Times is still broadcasting the news, the dead are still rising and attempting to make Chimichangas out of the living, and Shaun, our surviving protagonist, is going just a little bit insane. By insane I don’t mean the good kind of insane where you use your mental instability to create wondrous pieces of music or art… I mean the “should be neck deep in anti-psychotics” variety. Y’see, Shauny boy is hearing, and having full coherent conversations, with his sister Georgia… who is as dead as a door nail and residing in his brain. See… told you he was riding first class on the crazy train. And it is making his staff just a little bit twitchy, especially coupled with the fact that he, the once king of zombie tormenting, has hung up his stick and is no longer poking the dead. But fret not, dear reader, for all is not lost. Shaun and co are unceremoniously thrust back into the thick of it when Dr Kelly Connelly rocks up to their office… and all hell ensues to break loose. Now from here on out the story crosses into spoiler country and I do not want to spoil any of it for any of you but needless to say, because it says it on the blurb, the conspiracy uncovered in book one is still going strong and its up to Shaun (of the dead) and co to crack the story.The writing flows at the same rapid pace of book one and the tone is of an informal yet urgent nature that makes this tale chillingly believable… y’know aside from the zombies… which *sigh* have sadly not destroyed civilisation as we know it yet. But a guy can dream and be prepared *fondly pats Betty the machete and Tabitha the dane axe* soon my pets, soon…Ahem, anyway, that was weird I dunno where that very brief look into my psyche came from… but yeah… where was I again? *briefly re-reads review* Ah yes… the writing itself is very much the same as the first and for me that is awesome. I really gelled with Grants style. The zombies are back and they’re more shambly than ever and with the addition of a mad scientist and some psychotic episodes, the humanity of the characters is even more believable than ever. And I love that. This is one of those series where, like The Walking Dead, where one of the primary focuses is the way that peoples relationships change after corpses are reanimated. The ways in which a persons psychology is affected by extreme personal trauma is portrayed pretty much perfectly in this. The changes in persona are so subtle that they are unnerving rather than startling. There were some truly heart wrenching moments from Shaun and co. I’ve rarely felt so attached to characters in a book of this type. You just don’t get attached to characters in what is sold as horror… or is that just me? Am I just staying detached so I don’t care when people are hurt or die? I don’t know but Mira Grant has made me care for this loveable cast of misfits. And I regret nothing.I do recommend this sequel, like the first one, and unlike most sequels it doesn’t seem to be overly symptomatic with second book syndrome. I look forward to the third, eagerly… especially after the revelation and cliff hanger ending of this…Astounded readingArcher