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Batman Earth One HC (Batman (DC Comics Hardcover))

Batman: Earth One - Geoff Johns Oh my dear and holy fuck nuts... What can I say? Really?Well I will start with I am not The Caped Crusaders biggest fan. In my eyes he is a blending of Punisher and Iron Man, even though he is their elder in comic terms. I never really disliked the character, but I would never go out of my way to read his comics. Then in my local nerd reserve (the comic store, Area 52) I was asked when picking up a new copy of V for Vendetta and some other graphic novels "Do you have Earth One on order?" I do not... UNFT DAT COVER! "Well... do you want one anyway?" Erm... Does the pope lie to protect child molesters? YES I WANT! "Awesome. I read it last night dude. You will love it"And I have to say... the guys at Area 52... weren't wrong. This is a tremendous re-imagining of the Dark Knights origins. I was hooked from the first splash panel. The artwork... Oh lord DC have upped their game in the art department. The richness of the palette, the sweeping vista of a modern Gotham rotting from the inside... just wow. Gary Frank drew up a storm. The pencil work was stonkingly good. And the writing? Forget about it. Geoff Johns is up there with Alan Moore and Mark Millar for writing genius. He added new depths of emotion to the tortured and fallible Bruce Wayne. Alfred Pennyworth is no longer the meek, old, British butler of old... He is a bad-ass of most epic proportions. The cast of characters is all there. Penguin, Riddler, The Dents, The Gordons, Lucius Fox... hell even The Riddler even pops up. And I have a feeling in the Earth One DC-verse that I can even see where the Joker will be originating from. I cannot recommend it enough to fans of Graphic Novels, and that's coming from a reader indifferent to the Bat for the most part. This is a must read. And it is such a pity that it is only getting a limited run. Happy Reading to all...Archer