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Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1) - Kendare Blake 3.5 starsTHIS IS YOUR SPOILER ALERT, CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNEDI’m gonna be hon­est here. I was not expect­ing much at all from this book. I hon­estly wasn’t. I was told not to read it before bed. I was told it WILL scare me. I was told, by mul­ti­ple peo­ple, that it is the scari­est book I would ever read. No. Just no. This book was writ­ten very much with Super­nat­ural in mind I sus­pect. It read very much like it was riff­ing on that vibe. I didn’t mind this but it was a lit­tle bit of a let down that it was so sim­i­lar to some­thing that is sat­u­rat­ing pop cul­ture so entirely.I also had some prob­lems with Cas. The main char­ac­ter. Oh my god. He is more whiny and self absorbed than any ghost hunter ever writ­ten. And yes I am includ­ing Sam Win­ches­ter. It was annoy­ing as fuck read­ing over and over about him being the only one able. Really Cas? Really? You the only speshul snowflake in the world with the abil­ity to kill the dead… uh huh… ego-frickin-tistical much?The writ­ing in gen­eral is very, very good. The use of vul­gar­ity is believ­able and very true to the life of a teenage boy, at least it is in my expe­ri­ence. What isn’t how­ever is his con­stant refer­ral to Anna as “my Anna”. I’m sorry, I really am. But I was a teenaged boy, at least I very much hope I was because that would lead to some awk­ward con­ver­sa­tions with the mis­sus, I know teenaged boys… They do not refer to some one as mine in that way.They just don’t. If they’re attracted to them then it usu­ally runs as far ver­bally in their mind as “UNFT!” and then there’s men­tal imagery to rival porn… But seri­ously… I have never, ever met a boy of that age. Espe­cially one who hunts and moves around a lot, who refers to a female as “my” what­ever before actu­ally fig­ur­ing out how they feel. It’s stupid.But aside from the whiny ass of an MC, the annoy­ing voice of him at times and the unde­ni­ably famil­iar vibe… I really enjoyed this book. Okay, I might’ve been high on flu meds and run­ning a fever for most of it. But I enjoyed the pop cul­ture ref­er­ences made within the book. I enjoyed the depth and rounded nature of the char­ac­ters. I loved the Voodoo undertones.Bust most of all I loved Anna. And for the life of me I can­not tell you why. She was a tour de force all on her own. She wasn’t just a spec­tre, she was storm in a bot­tle. Yet on the flip side she was also sweet and inno­cent and adorable. And of course she wasn’t going to be just another tar­get for our young slayer and his mys­ti­cal athame. If that were the case then why would there be a series with her name on it? I mean it was fairly obvi­ous that she would change things. I just didn’t fig­ure out just how much she would change thing.This had all of the mak­ings to be a very, very good YA hor­ror yarn… it started out bloody and tense. It had an eerie feel that added depth to the world build­ing and then there was that night. It was dark. It was bloody… there were pieces of peo­ple. And then it petered out. And pretty much of the blood let­ting that fol­lowed in this book hap­pened off page, pretty much until the final chap­ter and a bit. And it turned into one of the weird­est roman­tic sub-plots that I have ever read… I mean… she’s dead for fucks sake. What the hell are you expect­ing? A long and happy rela­tion­ship? She’s fuck­ing worm food!As you can guess it irked me a lit­tle. But only a lit­tle. I was pulled back by the sec­ondary story, the voodoo power play­ing in the back­ground that was slowly build­ing up to a head. And I men­tion that, not to spoil any­thing, hon­estly I don’t. I men­tion it because this is the only YA title I have ever read that had a con­vinc­ingly chill­ing Obeah­man por­trayed. At first I was thrown and thought Baron Samedi but the use of him just being an Obeah user who had machi­na­tions to become uber ghost seemed more… I want to say believ­able but I don’t think it’s the right word… but what­ever it is it is sinister.The cul­mi­na­tion though does leave the world open wide. There are lots of things that Ms Blake could do with this and I sin­cerely hope that she does it well. Because if the next book is any­thing less than stel­lar then I will be rid­ing with the fury of an angry viking horde. For the head of the per­son who took a series with such great poten­tial and flushed it down the toilet.Look what I’m try­ing to say is that this both is and isn’t a hor­ror story. It both is and isn’t a love story. But what it is though, is very, very good. I liked it a lot. It had flaws that clawed my rat­ing back but over­all I would rec­om­mend this read. But seri­ously… Don’t expect to be scared silly because there are hon­estly scarier episodes of Buffy out there.Happy read­ingArcher