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The Raie'Chaelia

The Raie'Chaelia - Melissa Douthit

What can I say about this book. Well for one the writing was of such a sloppy amateurish nature that it makes me wonder what else can be published. Honestly if Melissa Douthit can get a book out there... anyone can, it is that poor.


The descriptive language of a nature so simplistic that I am at a push to remember a book that was so generic that didn't have a dog named Ben as the main character. The preface is so condescending it's painful."As you read, you may come across language, names, or terminology in the text that appear out of place or anachronistic. They are not. There is a reason for them that will become more clear as the story progresses. In fact, almost every detail in the novel has a purpose, from the intricately-drawn scenery in the beginning to the hair color of the heroine of the story. Again, those purposes will become clear later on."


Point the first - It's supposed to be a fantasy I'd expect to find 'language, names, or terminology in the text that appear out of place'. I would also expect mysteries early on to become clearer as the story progresses. That's what stories are meant to do. It's called pace and progression. I am not an idiot, people who read generally aren't.


Point the second - The descriptions are of a vanilla level of mundane that I felt like I was reading a text book rather than a novel. I don't need to know about every single tiny microscopic detail. It's boring. I actually found myself slipping into a comma induced coma at one point. They were peppered throughout like pills at a frat party and just stopped the pace from picking up. What should've been well paced, almost interesting scenes were dull, monotonous and for all intents and purposes monochromatic in my minds eye.


I admit I only made it 20 something pages into this before my mind rebelled and I went to read a good fantasy by a good author. Although I actually considered picking up the copy of Flush, Flush my fiance is critiquing at the moment to ease the mind numbing headache. I realised that would be a bad Idea and raged.


As for my advice to you my dear fellow bookworms, I implore you, for the sake of literature everywhere. Do not read this book. I'm fairly sure you all know my feelings about SMeyer's seminal work on 'vampires', if you don't just know I loathe it with a passion that would make the gods quake, and I'd still recommend that before this.


It's sloppy and amateurish and not work the e-ink it's written in. Delete this book and steer well clear.


Archer OUT!


P.S. - For any fans (or Ms. Douthit herself) who consider me a troll... I read, a lot. That's what I do. I've read more than my fair share of BAD (by bad I mean truly fucking awful) self/vanity published work. And this is up there as the worst of them. I was even far less critical of this than I am of other books. I'm sorry but this is poor, poor writing. *