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Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, #3)

Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, #3) - Jim Butcher Now this is where this particular series moves from simply kick-ass to fucking awesome in my opinion. The first two books of the series follow a very methodical, very "Monster of the week" format. I'd actually like to advise people new to the franchise to take their pick of the first two books and read just one of them IMO Storm Front is the better of the two as the start fo the series. The book opens right in the middle of the action, which is a risky opening gambit for any author. It will either work well or it will ruin the flow of the book entirely but I think that Butcher pulls it off well. Chicagolands spirits are up in arms and are causing hell at the start of the book and we join Michael, he's new... he's awesome... he's a medieval knight in our modern world, and Harry chasing one down... and that is the opening of the book, OK in the book it's a bit longer and there are fights, but that is it... the story picks up there and just gets more awesome.There's a Holy Sword, Killer Faeries, Three distinct flavours of vampire, a dragon, Bob, a priest, a murderous barbed wire spell... oh and hellhounds. Believe me, I know that this entire series is far from perfect. Harrys sense of chivalry can be just as easily argued as chauvinism, Michaels old world values can be seen as the same. And yes in a modern setting I suppose they are, more so Harry, but Michael is a deeply devout Catholic and if more catholics were as tolerant of other faiths as him, in my opinion the world would be a better place so for him at least it's almost excusable. The world Butcher weaves with this series continues to be one very real to the world as it is today. But with the unexplained bumps and bangs in the night explained away as magical happenings, as tangible nightmares. There are points that very nearly rocked me to tears, and that isn't easy. I don't know maybe I'm a little too emotionally invested in this series but you know what... There are very few series of novels which I follow almost religiously and this is one of them. And I don't apologise for it. The humour in the series appeals to me. The quasi-philosophical pop culture references never cease to make me chuckle. I'd recommend this to any serious fans of contemporary Urban Fantasy.