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Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven (Aliens (Dark Horse))

Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven - Liam Sharp I don't normally like the Alien franchise of graphic novels. They somehow miss the vibe of eeriness that makes the Alien series appealing to me. This venture into graphics, however doesn't. OK it's not perfect and some of the artwork feels a little dated to me, but in all honesty I can't really find anything to fault with it that doesn't really boil down to personal taste in comic art.The story telling and pacing unfolds in a way that is synonymous with the greats like Alan Moore, Joss Whedon or Mark Millar. It has a sense of realism to the reactions and the dialogue that make that telltale tingle of suspense creep up my spine. Very few Graphics have ever actually done that to me but the list includes Mark Millar's Civil War, Red Son and Kick Ass. Along with Alan Moore's classics Watchmen and V for Vendetta. I have the feeling that, despite the quality of this work, it won't become mainstream. Rather it will become a cult hit, like all the best graphics are for decades.I'd recommend this to fans of the franchise and to fans of classically styled Graphic Novels. It's not the best but it is definitely one of the better true Sci-Fi's of recent years. I enjoyed it but I doubt I'll rave over it.