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Dead Island

Dead Island - Mark Morris Review to come.-/- EDIT -/-Well, my dear bookworms, today I am finally getting around to a review. I know that it’s been a while but life happened. Anyway I’m here to talk about the novelisation of the Zombie RPG I reviewed last month… That’s right it’s Dead Island. The book itself follows the same 4 characters as the game, and it actually makes them seem more human than the story of the game does. The writing style is a little bit sloppy but it is far better than some books I can think of, some aren’t even game adaptations. You don’t believe me? Allow me to list a few:Assassin’s Creed RenaissanceAssassin’s Creed BrotherhoodThe Twilight SagaProfessor Midnight (put out by a teeny tiny press and is properly awful) Now considering how well the AC and Twishite books sold, I’m surprised that this book has not sold as well. It’s far from perfect but it is a satisfying zombie story. It’s intriguing that an ulterior motive from an overarching organisation seems to be in play in the lives of the four protagonists. The violence in the book is of a suitably… squishy nature. The detailing is visceral enough to be slightly disturbing but not graphic enough to stop your imagination making it some of the nastiest zombie violence I’ve read in a while. Now from what I’ve said above, you could quite easily be fooled into thinking that I loved this book… I didn’t. I enjoyed it and it was an OK read but there was something missing. I just didn’t care about the lives of the characters. I didn’t feel as invested in the stories of the zombie survivors. I didn’t care when people died, I didn’t care that families have been decimated by this outbreak. I felt detached… Yes, I’d read it again, and I would probably enjoy it, but honestly… I just don’t care enough for me to gush, which is odd.It has everything I look for in a zombie book, it’s got humour, it’s got gore, it’s got stressful situations and a blood smeared paradise. But I’m still feeling a little meh about the entire book… and for the life of me I don’t know why. It just didn’t scratch that zombie infested itch that I needed scratching. I’d recommend it for gamers or people who want an insanely easy read, but don’t expect to be drawn in and enthralled. It’s average… which is a pity because it had the potential to be a true gem. More book reviews, and reviews of games and whatnot here http://archerdevil.wordpress.com