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Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files

Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files - Well, hello there fellow bookworms! And today once again I have to resolutely set my fan-danna under lock and key (I have to at least try) because, well, purely because I FUCKING LOVE THE DRESDEN FILES SERIES! I mean seriously I have been a big fan since the first novel (Storm Front) was released here in the UK back in ’05. I was hooked from the introduction of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Chicago’s resident P.I. who just so happens to be America’s only professional wizard, if not the world’s. And let’s just be clear, yeah? This is not a novel per se. This is a collection of the short Dresden tales from various anthologies and the short stories that Butcher wrote for his website (http://www.jim-butcher.com). Plus an original novella, which takes place directly in the aftermath of Changes. All the regular features of the Dresden Files are there; Magic, Mystery, Monsters, Vampires, Guns, Explosions, Fire, Faeries, Angels, Gods and Harry’s resident Dogosaurus Rex, Mouse. The writing is the series standard: witty (of the more dry variety), sarcastic, fast paced and laced with pop culture references that only help to increase the believability and realism of the narrative in the books. Honestly, I loved this collection, so many questions I had about characters and the depth of their relationship with Harry have been questioned. There’s a story from the perspective of Harry’s half-brother Thomas, who is a vampire (it’s complicated and the best way to explain is to recommend reading all the books in order), which had me rolling around with laughter at the end of the story.Due to the fact that the stories take place between the events of the novels, hence the compilation being titled Side Jobs, it’s actually amazing to watch the character growth that happened over the period of 12 novels in one handy collection. Dresdens’ growth in wisdom, experience and talent is breath taking all over again. Now I am well aware that I’m pretty much singing the praises of this book but I honestly can’t think of anything that won’t have been said before and the only error I could see with anything in the book (and after reading the Assassin’s Creed novels directly before it, I was definitely looking for errors) that Butcher hadn’t mentioned in his introductory notes to the stories. So before I start to nerd all over the floor and make a mess of epic proportions I’ll leave you with this…If you like mystery, fantasy, crime (with a twist), monsters, faeries, gods, guns, dogs, cats, spirits and good humour in your narratives… then the Side Jobs is definitely for you. However this book will contain spoilers for the series if you have not read the other books and the novella Aftermath should definitely be left until after you have read Changes.Happy Reading Archer OUT!!!