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Ellen Page comes out as Lesbian

This depresses the shit out of me, not the fact that she's gay, I couldn't give a shit if she wants to screw men, women or anything with a pulse. 


What depresses me is this little quote:


'In a brief statement, Human Rights Campaign said it “congratulates Page on her brave decision to live openly and authentically"'


It's 2014 for fucks sake. It's still considered brave to be true to who you are? Really? Doesn't anybody else see the massive problem with this? It's 20-motherfucking-14 and it's still exceptional to be able to be honest about who you wanna shag? This, in my opinion, highlights every single little thing that is wrong with the film industry and society that a 26 year old woman, makes news not for being an astounding actress and an inspiration to her peers, no, she makes news for being gay. 


Why is this even a big deal to you? You might be wondering. I'll tell you why. It's a big deal to me because this shouldn't be news. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy for her that she has reached the right frame of mind to be honest and to end the lies by "omission". But by now, shouldn't we as a species be at a place where it's not sensational to be who you are really? Shouldn't it be status quo to be honest about who you are sexually attracted to as long as it is within the bounds of the law (paedophilia will never be cool)? 


Sure, there will now be bigots who boycott her films because they can't stand the thought that she loves vaginas and boobies... to them I say do not fucking breed, the world has long exceeded it's quota on stupidity. First and foremost she should be recognised for what she is. A talented and beautiful young woman who is without a doubt one of the best actresses in her age group. 


So what if she likes to muff dive? 

She will always be the creepy 14 year old who castrated Patrick Wilson in Hard Candy to me though.